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If you are a NEW/ROOKIE FRC team, watch the Team In A Box video from a veteran FRC team (Miss Daisy).

Resources from FRC Team 1114 Simbotics (Hall of Fame & World Championship team)

To learn about Strategy, Team Management, Robot Design, Mobility, Pneumatics, Programming, and More!




Southern NV FRC Teams

Purvis Industries (formerly BBC) will supply parts at cost or reduced rates to FRC teams. Contact Steven Straub at 702-876-4225. Be sure to mention that you are on an FRC team and were given their name as a supporter by FIRST Nevada and Steve Philpott

Call now 702-876-4225

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Technical Information

  • What’s in the Kit of Parts?
  • Getting started with the Control System

Fundraising Help

  • Fundraising Toolkit

Non-Technical Team Information

  • Awards information
  • Safety
  • What happens at Events? What are the expectations?
  • Who are all those people in the Registration System who are contacts on my team and what do they do?
  • Event Results and Attendance

How do I stay connected to the community?

  • FRC Blog
  • FRC Facebook page
  • FRC Twitter page
  • Team Email Blast Archive