Sponsorship and support from companies in Nevada is vital to the success of FIRST Nevada Robotics. Through the resources they provide, our Sponsors are helping FIRST Nevada inspire young people to become the next generation of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEAM) professionals. This support, including financial contributions, in-kind donations, employee volunteerism and mentoring, provides vital resources for FIRST Nevada’s organizational growth, and is a testimony to the value found in FIRST programs.  These K-12 after-school programs provide engaging, educational programs which greatly benefits the youth in Nevada.

Sponsorship/Financial Contributions: FIRST Nevada offers a variety of sponsorship levels and associated benefits.

FIRST Nevada sponsorship opportunities include:

  • Financial Sponsorship of programs and strategic initiatives
  • In-kind donations of parts, equipment of facilities
  • Scholarships & Internships for students
  • Employee Engagement

FIRST Nevada sponsorship benefits include:

  • Strengthening your company reputation in the community
  • Recognition across FIRST properties and events
  • Creating a pipeline for interns and future employees
  • Rich employee volunteer opportunities
  • Provides renewed inspiration to company engineers and employees

FIRST Program Impact Data Results

FIRST Nevada programs benefit the community by increasing STEAM knowledge and 21st century work-life skills of its youth participants, with the ultimate goal of increasing the local STEAM workforce pipeline. Impacts also include increased volunteerism from adult mentor/coaches and engagement with local company sponsors and employees as volunteers.  FIRST programs provide actual hands-on experiences which put into practice what students learn in the classroom, engaging them and making learning relevant.  Our programs incorporate best-practice strategies to engage youth and cultivate interest in STEAM. These engaging STEAM programs greatly benefit the youth in Nevada. 

All of our sponsors are critical to building programs that engage students in meaningful STEAM education, and we are grateful to each one for their unique contributions.

 For information on how to become a sponsor, please contact Angela Quick at aquick@firstinspires.org or 702-888-3673. 


FIRST Nevada is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization promoting FIRST® Robotics programs and STEAM education initiatives in Nevada.