Overview - CCSD (Clark County School District) teachers, who coach any of the FIRST robotics teams (FLL Jr, FLL, FTC, FRC) as an after school program, are eligible to receive Contact Units (CUs) for professional learning related to their extra curricular assignments.  There is a maximum of up to 8 CUs available for salary advancement (16 CUs for teachers at Title I, Tier I and Tier II, schools) in this category.   

Process for obtaining CCSD CU (credit unit) hours towards Professional Development:
  • Attend FIRST Nevada workshops/training sessions.
  • Obtain a certificate from FIRST Nevada for all workshops/training that you attend.  The certificate should indicate the name of the training, date, and number of hours.  Click here to complete the Google Form to obtain a FIRST Nevada certificate of training.  Email FIRST Nevada certificate questions to
  • Please reference the Professional Growth System Reference Guide for details.
  • Refer all questions to Mark Oakden, Professional Growth System Coordinator, at

Photo Credit: Mary Scodwell / FIRST Nevada 

In addition to FIRST Nevada workshops and training, FIRST headquarters has many online training resources.